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Probioform is a living liquid probiotic from Sweden. We have been around for over 10 years in Scandinavia and are currently the best-selling probiotic amongst health food shops and practitioners (Naturopaths and Integrative doctors). Why? Because of the fast effect that our product have on gut issues and immunity. 

Probioform is produced through an advanced cascade fermentation process in which a broad spectrum of microbes are allowed to interact with each and form clusters - a property that allows them to faster integrate with your microbiome and perform the positive tasks they are supposed to do. During this process a range of nutrients that forms the bacteria's ecosystem is naturally produced - this includes enzymes, beneficial acids, B vitamins and vitamin K. The beneficial acids naturally lower the pH of the whole solution (Probioform has a pH of around 3.2-3.7) and this allow for all bacteria to pass the stomach acid - something that is not true for freeze-dried bacteria. Probioform also contains a whole range of minerals and trace minerals that are naturally occurring from the fermentation carrier, raw organic molasses. No sugar is left in the finished product.

Due to the microbes being fully alive and in the right environment Probioform yields a very good effect on gut issues, immunity, sleep and skin problems, all of which is related to our microbiome.

4 reasons to work with Probioform: 
  • A unique probiotic that gives fast results, and happy and recurring customers
  • Great sales support, we offer informative brochures, a webinar for all staff, and when possible in-store taste tastings
  • Good profit margins
  • No price dumping, we do not work with "discount" stores, and all online retailers sell the product at RRP. Probioform is not part of "sales days".

Receive a free box of Probioform (worth $119): Join our webinar or schedule a phone call with us and we will give you a free box of Probioform to try.

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