Probioform: A living liquid probiotic

Have you ever wondered why so many probiotics are powders or pills? It has nothing to do with your health — it’s a cost-cutting method that makes them easier to transport. But these powders and pills are freeze dried, which often damages the microorganisms and renders them ineffective. But with a liquid probiotic like Probioform, you get a more stable, effective and complete product.

Probioform does things differently. Our living liquid probiotic is paced with naturally occurring beneficial acids (lactic, acetic and butyric acid (butyrate)), wild yeast, enzymes, minerals, B vitamins and vitamin K. 

It is designed to deliver the maximum availability of live bacteria directly to your intestines. It easily absorbs into the intestinal wall, providing the full benefits of probiotics almost immediately. 

Plus, Probioform is created through cascade fermentation. This way, our bacteria are able to flourish as they regulate their pH to something closer to the acid in your stomach, allowing them to survive ingestion. This also enables us to introduce a variety of healthy bacteria strains into your system, rather than just one or two. 

Today’s modern lifestyle can affect anyone’s digestive health. Antibiotics, pesticides, conservation, cooking, stress… it all adds up. But probiotics can be beneficial to everyone — no matter your age, no matter your gender. With Probioform, literally anyone can support and reestablish their optimal digestive environment and functionality, as well as improve their health.

Who should take Probioform? Everyone from children to the elderly, can safely benefit from drinking Probioform. That means your entire family can soon enjoy improved digestion.

  • Living probiotics

    Probioform is a living liquid probiotic, i.e. all our bacteria is fully alive and already functioning in an optimal ecosystem that can easily integrate to your gut flora and perform positive tasks there.

  • Enzymes

  • Minerals

    We use raw organic molasses as a fermentation carrier, it is rich in minerals, and all these trace minerals are left in Probioform but the sugar in the molasses is completely gone. The organic acids that the bacteria produce "soften" the minerals and make them more bio-available (i.e. easier to absorb).

  • Organic acids

    Probioform contains lactic acid, acetic acid and butyric acid (butyrate) all naturally produced by the bacteria themselves. These acids lower the pH of the solution and allow for all bacteria to pass the stomach acid, they also make minerals more easily absorbable and are beneficial for the intestinal wall where nutrients are absorbed.

  • Wild Yeast

  • B vitamins & Vitamin K

    The wild yeast (S. cerevisiae) and lactic acid bacteria together create B vitamins, that is why you find the whole range of B vitamins in Probioform in small amounts.

”Probioform changed my life”

Dan had suffered from constipation and slow bowl movements since childhood and undergone many antibiotic treatments and dietary changes, but nothing had helped.

”I first tried Probioform 7 years ago. I remember I took two tablespoons the first time, and already that same day I could notice something was changing in my gut. Already after three days, my constipation started to let go. Before that, I would go to the toilet 1-2 times per week. After three weeks, I was visiting the bathroom regularly twice per day without any pain anymore, and it has been like that for seven years now.

I drink Probioform every day and also use it as a fermentation starter. I have noticed that my immune system has never been stronger; I have only had one flu since I started using it. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that my fasted blood sugar has gone done significantly; something that is of concern to me at my young age of 75”.

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