Testimonial from Emily

Probioform (2 liter bag-in-box)
  • Never freeze-dried

    Our microbes are fully alive and intact, and already in an environment that promotes all healthy bacteria. Probioform has a low pH of 3.7 which allows for all bacteria to pass the stomach acid and start to multiply in your intestines immediately.

  • Broad-spectrum of microbes

    Probioform offers a wide spectrum of healthy probiotics made of different classes of bacterial strains, promoting diversity in the gut flora, something that is missing in most modern diets.

  • Complete ecosystem

    Probioform contains the complete natural ecosystem of nutrients that the bacteria produces. This includes a wide range of enzymes, minerals, organics acids, B vitamins and Vitamin K.

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A Naturopath's testomonial

I started using Probioform back in 2015 when I was experiencing digestive issues and a gradual decline in my energy levels. I had worked with many different brands of probiotics in my practice but heard about Probioform and decided to give it a try myself. I began drinking it twice per day and was amazed at how fast my digestion and bowel regularity started to improve. After using it for about six weeks, I had regained my energy levels, and my digestion was functioning very well again.

After this experience, I decided to start working with Probioform in my clinic, and today, it is the only probiotic product that I work with. I recommend it to all my clients and have seen great results. My approach is always to start to work on rebuilding the microbiome and strengthening the immune system and Probioform have worked very well in doing this.

Eva is a Naturopath and a former student at Hippocrates Health Institue in Florida, USA. She works in Norway and has been using and working with Probioform for over five years.