Product seminar

Come and learn why Probioform, Scandinavia's best selling probiotic, is the most complete and effective probiotic on the worldwide market, and how you can implement it in your treatment protocols for faster healing and better overall treatment outcome. 

Topics addressed during our seminar:

  • How Probioform is produced and what makes it different from other freeze-dried probiotics
  • The differences between freeze-dried and living microbes
  • How a cascade fermentation can stabilize living bacteria, SBOs, and wild yeast while leaving in 40 trace minerals, nearly 100 types of enzymes, and B complex vitamins
  • How organic acids, enzymes and wild yeast play a vital role in balancing the biome
  • How soil-based organisms coordinate other levels of bacteria, and the effects of lack of them in our modern diet
  • How to dose Probioform in a clinical setting
  • Q&A

Attendance is free and all attendees will receive a free box of Probioform, worth $120* (only applies if you have not received one prior).

Date & time: November 4th at 6.30pm
Location: Remede Wellness Clinic (13 Glyde Street, Mosman Park, Perth)

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